Get Ready for College With West Angeles Education & Enrichment program.


Our program walks students through a series of steps to fully ensure their admission and success in college. Covering everything from financial aid, applications, tutoring, life skills sessions, and choosing the right college for the individual, we care about not only the admission to college, but about the mental wellbeing and a clear and affordable financial plan. 

Step 1: College Readiness Meeting/what to bring

This meeting is your first step of the college journey. We would like to meet with the youth, parent(s) and/or the stakeholders in the success of the child. It would be very helpful and most successful to bring two items; Unofficial three-year transcript and test scores of SAT/ACT and/or PSAT. Please call and schedule your meeting now and be on time!

or give us a call at 323.733.8300 x2629.

step 2: College Jumpstart Sessions

Jumpstart sessions are very informational of admissions and financial aid. Fun fact! Those who attend almost all sessions regularly are those who attend a great affordable college; and those who do not attend sessions regularly often miss deadlines from which they could never fully recover.

Step 3: Travel to Colleges of Your Choice

Always visit, visit, visit the college(s) of your choice. Join us on our college tours we provide for the youth.

Step 4: FAFSA and other Financial Aid Requirements

It is very important to file your FAFSA between October 1 and January 31. We will give you tips on filing or we would be gladly to file it for you to ensure accuracy and completion.

Step 5: Life Confirmation Session

Life confirmation sessions are held between February and June of the youth’s senior year. These sessions provide information on how to stay and finish college.