The “right” college for your child is one to which he or she is admissible, is adaptable to their needs and affordable, even in this economic climate. Too many times, parents believe that the more expensive a school is or the better known a school is, the better it will be for their college-going youth. Many parents further believe that getting the right education for their child will mean an agreement to take loans of over $175,000 for college.

This could not be further from the truth!

There are very great and top schools available if we can just get past not having heard about those more affordable schools and instead teach our youth that it’s more important that we can:

1) Save our retirement funds and still afford their education while they can get the hands-on experience to succeed in life.

2) The school promotes the student values and behaviors needed for success.

How To Pay For College


FInancial Aid & AFfordability Info sessions


Examples of our Sunday sessions:

  • The 10 Most Common Cost Trap Colleges

  • Characteristics of "Cost Trap" Colleges

  • College Admissions Process Timeline

  • College Admissions Application Phases

  • Rolling Admissions Phase – The One We Are In Now

  • What about the College Application Essay?

  • 10 Important College Financial Aid Facts that are Not Commonly Known

  • Our Top 10 Preferred Colleges and Why

  • Schedule Review …and MUCH MORE!

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Scholarships are also a great way to help pay for college. Find multiple opportunities your student should know about below.

Financial Aid Resources and Links


Timely and Proper FAFSA Submittal - For Assistance Click Here

Tips for Pricing a College Before You Apply  (VIDEO LINK)

• Building an Educational Successful Home

• Matching Yourself with Affordable Colleges/Universities

MaTHinkers' Most Affordable Colleges and Universities

College Prep/Affordability

• Knowing the Types of Colleges and When to Apply to Them

• “Overtesting” and How it Hurts Youth

•  What is the "PLUS" Loan and What Do I Need to Know About It?


Cash Grants for Women

Soroptimist International - Live Your Dreams Awards is offering a cash grant for women. Below are the forms you'll need to submit. Check out their site for more information or questions