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The First step in college planning is setting up a session with us...

If your student is a high school junior, now is the time to schedule your free college readiness session with Deacon Wilson.  Both parents and the student can meet with Deacon Wilson to discuss your student's options, interests, and recommendations for college, using data from the high school transcript and SAT test results.


About our College Readiness Session




  1. Both parents (if possible) AND the high school student must attend the session

  2. Unofficial transcript (allow a week to request this from the high school counselor)

  3. Copy of all official SAT scores (or PSAT scores, if SAT test has not yet been taken)

Please note that the meeting cannot proceed if all the requested data is not provided.

To schedule your meeting, please complete our Get Info form (right) and be sure to select College Readiness and someone will follow up to set up a convenient time to meet.  Meetings are generally held at the West Angeles Youth Center on weekday evenings and occasional weekends.


College Information Sessions

The whole college admissions process can be very confusing.  We have over a decade of experience helping parents and students prepare for the process and be admitted to affordable colleges with much less stress.  There are different levels of assistance available, depending on your needs, beginning with regular weekend sessions for parents and students at a low cost of only a $5 donation.  To find out more about the options and the next information session, click on the College Affordability tab.

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A look at our most visited schools:


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