Mail These 2 Important Items!


From the Desk of Deacon John Wilson



This is the time of the year that students and parents either forget to send SAT Scores and/or transcripts or send them incorrectly. In addition, this task is forgotten due to the holiday season. When families emerge from the holiday season in 2019, deadlines for scores and transcripts have passed.



Actually, you should now send the first 3-year's transcripts.  All schools, except UC and CSU, require a transcript.   If the school is not a CSU or UC, ask its Admissions Office if it’s a 3 or 3 ½ year and send what is requested.  Also confirm the mailing address.  Finally, remember if you send it, the transcript needs to be a SEALED OFFICIAL transcript.

NOTE:  California State Universities and Universities of California only require transcripts if they ask for them via email or in an information portal.



Go to www. and send the scores.  If you do not know how to do it (first try), contact me at once.

When sending scores, use the searcher to find the college and then add the college to the list and SEND the scores.  If you are sending SAT scores to CSU, search for "California State University Apply" and send the scores there and all CSUs will see the scores.  For Universities of California, send the SAT Scores to ONE UC and all UCs will get access to the scores.  You can then send the scores to all other schools as normal.


Late submission in sending your SAT scores and unofficial transcripts COULD BE THE DIFFERENCE of College Entry!


I hope this all helps! Please read the above carefully. 
Call, text or email me if you have any questions.

— Deacon John Wilson