How Can CSS Profile Help You?


What is the CSS Profile?

An online document required by many selective private and state colleges. It is submitted after the FAFSA.

How much does the form cost?

The processing of the form by College Board costs $25 for the first school and $16 for each additional school.  The fee is paid at the time the form is delivered.

 There are other related processes for Tax Return and non-custodial parent information.

It all starts with the CSS Profile.

The document asks for more information about your family and its finances.  The CSS Profile is usually due between February 1st and 15th.  However, there are some that are due earlier.  Many schools will not award any aid if the Profile is late; Others will not award merit scholarships without its completion.


Where Can I Find The CSS Profile?

The CSS Profile is found on the College Board Website.  You will use the same logins as used for the SAT Registrations.  Just scroll down and look for 2019-20 CSS Profile. It is submitted after the FAFSA.

Click: to view the colleges that require the CSS Profile!


I hope this all helps!  Please read the above carefully. 
Call, text or email me if you have any questions.

-Deacon John Wilson