The Next Steps After College Admission


Class of 2019

As your youth's admissions notifications roll in...just a few things to remember:

  1. Please do not plan for or agree with your youth that they will attend a college without the following happening first:

    1. A visit to the college (A parent or me should go with them....)

    2. The Preliminary Financial Aid Award should be received and the cost of the college know - You should then know how much (If any) debt you should expect.  Your youth gets the school they EARN and want, not just the one that they want

  2. Read all of your youth’s financial aid awards the SAME WAY. Use ONLY Tuition, Room, and Board as your DIRECT COSTS. Using total cost is not fair to the school and is very misleading.

  3. Subtract out the Parent PLUS LOAN and work study to get the best feel for the RELEVANT financial aid.

  4. Do not deposit for Housing until you KNOW that particular school is where the student is going.  If you have not even visited, do not pay for the housing or the Orientation for that matter.

  5. Plan to attend the Admitted Student Preview  - It's usually on campus, but sometimes occurs locally.  All colleges have these events.  This is where the day is planned for a parent and student to learn all they want about the campus.  Just google to school and "Admitted Student Preview" for this information.

  6. In the case of an ATHLETE, do not agree to deposit for admission based on a coach's scholarship promise or hope.  Get everything in writing.  Also, be sure your student athlete actually VISITS the campus FIRST - especially if the college is in a less populated rural area.  Finally, remember the coach(es) that recruit you will usually not be working at the school for the whole 4 -5 years you are there playing the sport.

Want more information or have any questions?