Winter Jumpstart Session Dates – Class of 2019


What Are Jumpstart Sessions?

The Education and Enrichment Program provides General Information Sessions for youth and parents (sometimes youth-only) for the graduating senior class. Jumpstart sessions are the supplementary workshops to General Information Sessions for graduating high school seniors and their parents for in-depth college information, personal support and guidance through every step of the process. Jumpstart sessions are mandatory for all seniors and parents…visitors welcomed!!





Thursday, Jan. 17 (Parents Only)
7:15p - 8:30p

  • Youth & Parent Loans – All you need to know

  • How To Read Your Youth’s Financial Aid Award

  • Upcoming College Enrollment Costs (not covered by FA Award)

  • 7 Biggest Mistakes in Selecting a College

Sunday, Jan. 20 (Parents & Youth)
3:30p - 5:15p

  • College Enrollment Overview

  • How To Follow Up On Applications

  • FAFSA College List vs. Actual College List

  • Post FAFSA Checklist

  • Scholarship Search Overview




Saturday, Feb. 2 (Parents & Youth)
10a - 11:30a

  • FAFSA Verification Process

  • Cal Grant Concerns and Issues

  • CSS Mistakes And Challenges In The Process

  • How Do Loans Affect What You Will Pay For College

  • Housing 101: Initial Things You Need To Know About It

  • Comparing FA Awards: What Will We Owe For College?

Sunday, Feb. 24 (Parents & Youth)
3:30p - 5:15p



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