CSU Application Process


Top 3 Application Steps To Follow

  1. As you set up your portals please don't be alarmed that you might have difficulty with the following school: CSUDH, CSU Sacramento, and Stanislaus. We are currently working closely with CSU in regards to these problems. If you encounter any problems please email me as soon as possible.

  2. Also be aware that many schools might not communicate with you via your personal email, rather they might be sending you messages through the school's portal and/or school email. Make sure you read your emails carefully and become familiar with each school's portals you will see they are all different.

  3. If you student applied to CSULB you might not receive an email about setting up your portal, rather you will need to go to this link to check your application status. 

If you have any questions or concerns contact Cristina Martinez (below)