10 Steps to Get the Highest G.P.A. Possible

10 Things Youth Should Do to Improve Your Academic Performance

"Study-Ability Affects Affordability"


  1. Re-Check Your Friend List/ Only Carry those who think like you!

  2. Turn in Your Cell Phone at 9:00 p.m. Each Night During the Week

  3. Turn in Your Cell Phone While Doing Your Homework

  4. Limit Social Network Use to a Half Hour Each Night

  5. Control Your Motivation/Desires to be In Relationships With the Opposite Sex – There is Plenty of Time for That Later!

  6. Don’t Date – Interview/ Get to Know the Opposite Sex

  7. Have Dinner with your family when they do have it

  8. Go to SLEEP BY 10:15 p.m. – Quiet at 9:00

  9. Leave MySpace – It takes too much time; Get on FACEBOOK

  10. 10. Let friends see you’re too busy sometimes!